Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fletcher Sketches

Cross-registering: 4 course limit on classes outside Fletcher (both elsewhere at Tufts and at other universities)
Most audit language classes instead of using these units

Thesis process
Some do it as a class paper, some do it independently, some use the summer internship for data/research/writing - graduation requirement, but length, format & style vary greatly. Many are posted online.

Michael Klein - Int'l Macroecon
Half-semester courses, modular courses
In two years you don't have the time to cover everything you'd like
Empirical Topics in Globalization - "economics for smarties"
2 or 3 econ tracks - courses for students who focus on econ & courses for students who don't yet know they want to focus on econ. Quant methods, quant reasoning

Leila Fawaz - Modern (18th-19th cent) Middle Eastern history
currently working on social history of Mideast around WWI
Diplomacy field "practices interdisciplinarity" - history, politics, environment, communications
Success is about perserverance - get to know faculty, we're available, but it's on you to take advantage.

Joel Trachtman - Int'l Law
Inderdisciplinarity! the only way for int'l lawyers to understand their field.
Seminar w/Drezner on Int'l law & int'l relations to understand legal rules via social science.
Fields in Int'l law: public, business & econ law, int'l orgs, human rights

Dan Drezner - int'l politics
"I tried working in the real world; it didn't really take. It's so nice here."
Economic power in global governance (sovereign wealth funds, macroecon of balance of wealth questions, future of global governance are his interests right now)
Security, Int'l Political Economy, Comparative politics - three major areas offered here.
"We start with Thucydides. We read ALL of Thucydidies. It's a small course..."

200-250 pages/week, one long paper or a series of policy memos depending on the course - Drezner
100 pages/week, exam or exam & paper - Trachtman
200 pages/week "skimming is part of the art" - Fawaz
20 pages, but you'll need to go line-by-line - articles, textbooks - Klein

Student involvement in research centers?
Yes, as admin assts, minor writing, also research - get in there and ask lots of questions.

How to get involved in research?
Stalking profs is a good idea. It varies from prof to prof - do they have research funds? Is the student interested in publishing, and where? Very much a question of fit.
MALD thesis definitely forms a close research relationship & offers opportunity for this.
These things often stem from coursework first. Remember that research assistantships and TA offers also come from the undergrad college here.

I also sat in on Political Economy of Development, which was working on a case study on Mauritania; Classics of IR, which discussed The Great Transformation; and Counterterrorism, where the session focused on Af-Pak. I'd have registered for all three.

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