Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Internet Relations

Let the debate on internet borders begin: Slate offers a good article on what might just be the first coordinated government web attack. Estonia's government websites have been intentionally crashed, and by computers in Russia. Still, knowing the guilty IP address doesn't necessarily mean knowing the guilty party, and the Russian government is certainly smart enough to deny any knowledge of the hack. International politics meets internet, and I'm certainly staying tuned to see how this spat plays out.

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Ian said...

Its pretty ridiculious in my opinion, both of Russia and the Russian minority in Estonia, to take offense to the removal of the WW2-era sholdier. Estonia wasn't part of the USSR until 1940. They were really in the same sort of position as Finland, to claim the Red Army liberated them from the Nazi's is a real stretch. They should have taken it down during their initial independence celebrations, no one would have noticed.

Here's another article on it:

Same info, I'm just hightly entertained by the all the "cyber-" prefixes being used. Words like cyber-terrorism, cyber-campaign, cyber-warrior... I suppose "cyberwar" is established and doesn't need a hypen.