Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hello again! I think we are in Geneva in our story now, but really we only saw the train station and the hostel, since it was dark already when we got there. We did have an adventure sneaking my mattress into the room with the others, since technically all they had were 3-person rooms...but i wasn't sleeping by myself! No one caught us, so it was cool! The next day we had to get up early and leave for respective big cities, David to Paris to fly back to the US and the rest of us to Barcelona. It was sad...and early...2 strikes against the day already. Basically we slept for about 4 hours once we got to Barcelona, ventured out for food, saw a parade for Kings' Day (known as Epiphany in the states) and slept again. Very adventurous, I know. The parade was very cool though, apparently kings' day is their time for presents and such.

The next day, we managed a little more adventuring. We went to the Sagrada Familia in the morning, the scope of Gaudi's imagination is breathtaking!! We (George and I) both liked Gaudi's architecture enough that after lunch and a walk down the huge market street, we went to the neighborhood-on-a-hill that he designed. It was very picturesque with very cool-looking houses and railings and such. We also got to see the sun set, which was neat! That night we had tapas at two different restaurants (the first wasn't so hot, so we moved!), and the second was incredible. Potatoes bravas I think are akin to heaven.

The day after, we got up and caught a train to a little town outside Barcelona, home of the Salvador Dali museum. It was...expectedly...bizarre. Back in town, George and I walked around on the Olympic Hill for a while, back down the market street, and then we had Mexican (of all things in Spain!) for dinner. Oh yeah.

We had to get up insanely early the next day to get to Geneva in 4 in the morning...ugh. So early the metro station wasn't open yet! Note to not repeat.
But overall, Barcelona was very fun and interesting...I was glad to get back to a country where I could at least pretend to understand the language happening around me though!

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