Saturday, January 27, 2007

Moving In

I have a new adoptive family, they've told me...with an almost suffocating hospitality, I've been thoroughly welcomed into my new home in Fez. The house matriarch told me simply to call her Maman or Omi and spent a good hour asking me about my parents, studies, languages and travels...a full life history! Her husband is Sidi Mohammad, a retiree of few words but an open smile. Also in the house are Simo (or Sidi Mohammad Jr.) and three daughters Lubna, Souad, and Hannan, all of whom are friendly if less effusive than Omi. The apartment is surprisingly large compared to my European living experiences, and I was grateful when Sidi Mohammad revealed the regular toilet after first showing me a traditional hole-in-the-floor in the next room. I have a space all my own that's larger than any dorm I've called home, with a spare bed that gives me renewed hope for being able to host visitors properly. My only concern is the gas burner with a bucket on top that sits next to the bathtub, but I have also seen a water heater in the kitchen and prefer to save any adventures bathing for another day.

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