Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A new blog for a new story

I'm afraid I offended Sarah the other day, talking about writing "here's where I went, here's what I saw, look at my pretty pictures" travelogues. I didn't mean to insult her. They are certainly the most common of travel blogs and seem to have a strong popularity among family and friends. I wasn't out to mock the style or poor Sarah's own photo-laden website. I simply find myself noting that after the tour, somewhere outside the shutter-frame, lies some greater truth. After two semesters abroad spent writing the standard chronicle for the folks back home, I still feel that the complete story remains barely begun, untouched by these direct attempts to reveal it. This time, I'm going to find my voice and see if I can't tell it properly. That's not to say there won't be "look! pictures!" entries, because they're easy and pretty and sometimes the only thing I can rapid-process. But I've been doing some real living over here and I want to write that, too. I guess you'll have to be patient with me. I don't know yet what stories I'll have, but I hope to end up with some good tales for you, stories that can serve as a window to my new home. Until then, enjoy the pictures.

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