Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bath, not the tub

Disappointing about England: I didn't hear anyone say 'Cheerio' to say goodbye...bummer

Wonderful about England: Many things! The countryside was very beautiful, especially in the Salisbury plain near Stonehenge. I think I could go camping happily there for quite a long time. I got 2 new friends, since Becki and I really didn't know each other at all well before I went, and I met and hung out with her boyfriend Matt as well. I can now say I've been to Wales, though I don't think Cardiff is horribly representative, but I did hear spoken Welsh (I still think it sounds neat and want to learn it) and tour a medieval castle. And the Bath Abbey is truly amazing, somehow the combination of bright colors and whiteness in the windows and the stone made it truly beautiful. And now I've been to a Church of England service, which is not quite as intimidating as Catholic ones!
So all together, other than the unnecessarily long journey home last night, my trip to England was very enjoyable and I very much want to return, since there are so many parts of England I still haven't seen, and I feel like its probably like France in that it varies muchly despite its small land area. Another thing to add to the exponeniating to-do list of my life!


Kyle said...

Hello, Church of England. Cake or Death?"

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Sarah said...

hehe, nice :)