Monday, March 26, 2007

Post weekend high

I just want to say that life is a wonderful thing. I'm not sure that France is the place for me ultimately, but right now I am content and happy. I had a dinner party last night, with lots of people from lab and it was lovely. Then today, despite a ridiculously low number of sleeping hours, I went skiing with Max. It was also a lovely day, nice snow, good company, AND it was still light out when we got home at 7! 'Springing forward' kinda sucks for sleeping, but it is still made things feel so much warmer and alive...despite being very tired when I got home I couldn't stay inside and went for a walk in the park instead. The mountains are STILL breathtaking and combined with a sunset are amazing. I just wanted to walk and look at them and feel nice. I think this feeling is what people are looking for (amazing what the endorphins from exercise and sunlight can do...) but I think if everyone would just stop and look at the sky occasionally, or smell a flower, or smile at a little kid running and yelling, we all might be happier. :)

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