Wednesday, June 6, 2007

American Tourists

Okay, so you remember Mr. American Tourist in "W - The President" shirt? If not, he's right here.

Ian offered a comment: "That guy is just trying to make us look bad. You're not supposed to wear shirts with words, let alone something political. Granted when I go to Glasgow I might wear an Obama t-shirt, but Glasgow isn't Fez and Obama isn't well known enough to be controversial."

Well, Ian, this ISN'T Glasgow, and this guy really seems to have issues. Last night at another concert I spotted him again. Same beard, same khaki pants, same blond wife...and wearing an official campaign t-shirt for Barack Obama, of all people.

Go figure.


Sarah said...

What?! He's confused...

scarlettscion said...

seriously? seriously?? you have to get another picture