Saturday, June 23, 2007

France Trip Highlights

So...I've gotten a little behind on the whole blog thing. Being with my entire family for 3 weeks with maybe yes/maybe no internet and sometimes 4 people wanting to use it was not conducive to regular updates! We went on a 3-week tour of (mostly) northern France, saw some new things and some old things (for me anyway) and got to hang out in Grenoble and meet some of my friends from here. I have discovered that while Loire Valley chateaux are big, sumptuous, and slightly disgusting sometimes, they all look slightly similar after a while. I have learned that Strasbourg-ian french sounds very German, and "Bonn-shoo!" just sounds weird to my lilting-southern-french-listening ears. I have realized that the abbey at Mont St. Michel is not always as cold as it was in January and can be a bit more enjoyable. And I have realized how much I have fallen in love with Grenoble, the scenery and people and places here, when I experienced the joy of showing it off to people I love.
More later on specific funny instances, we had more than a few!!


KEP said...

"Strasbourg-ian french" is probably Alsatian, no?

Anywho, thanks for posting while I was lazy and sick :)

Sarah said...

I thought Alsatian was more different... it was definitely french, I could understand, it just took a bit more concentration because at first listen it sounded German!
Is that Alsatian?

Kyle said...

Alsatian is a Germanic language (trivia courtesy wikipedia). I'd be surprised if it sounded French at all.