Monday, June 21, 2010

Back to the daily grind

After a quiet Sunday evening checking in with family, I put in some quality time with Photoshop and have added new photos chronicling the daily commute. I don't have Afreen's DSLR or editing abilities, but the updates include schoolgirls, goats, billboard posters of Karzai and Masoud, mountains, mosques, a body-builder gym ad, and possibly the coolest safety goggles reminder ever. Enjoy!

click for the full album


lady macleod said...

Nicely done. Boy does that bring back some memories! Used to be a different chap on the buildings.... I"m happy to see the women's faces, and the ferris wheel is a hoot.
PLEASE keep your head down. You are very precious to us.

kep said...

I'm being cautious, and the city itself is calm. I promise!

I'm also encouraged by the number of younger girls wearing sparkly scarves as far back as possible, with make-up and bright colors - there's some hope for this generation, at least in the capital.