Thursday, June 10, 2010

The daily grind - a Kabul commute

(new photos added 6pm, 6/10/10)

I've spent some part of the last week snapping photos out the car window on the way to and from the office. Most of them are blurred by the motion, or marred by traffic driving through the shot, but the handful I've collected here offer some view of the Kabul I see day-to-day. Enjoy!

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Gordon said...

The Toyota Corolla is truly universal.

kep said...

Toyota's got maybe 90% market share here - Land Cruisers for the NGOs, the old, old gray 8-passenger vans as private buses, and Corollas for everyone else. I've even seen other models re-branded as Corollas (one mis-lettered it as "Croolla")...

...and then there are the police and security forces, all in Ford pickups.