Saturday, June 26, 2010

A photo for the day

I think I like posting pictures individually - it's much simpler to pick one for the day than to prepare a full album (also, it means more new things for the handful of people I know are checking in regularly). Thoughts?

This one amuses me doubly - first, it was taken on a paved (!) street in a quiet neighborhood of wealthy residences and NGO offices in Karte Se - not where I usually see goatherders. Secondly, there really is a Kabul Fried Chicken, which has seen fit to appropriate the image of Colonel Sanders on its storefront (I've yet to get a photo of that; apologies). Strangely, the name isn't actually translated into Dari underneath - just transliterated. "Kabul Fraid Chikn" - Happy Saturday!


Kyle said...

I like the idea of an individual photo. Not only can you then post more regularly, but I'm more likely to look at and think about an individual picture. If it's a whole album, I'll usually just flip through it.

I suppose that our KFC would have to be rather petty to try to enforce their copyright in this case.

Sarah said...

KFC is everywhere!!