Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kabul Dreams

Last night, I attended an album release party for Kabul Dreams, an indie trio who bill themselves as "Afghanistan's only rock band." Stopping by after dinner with a friend, I missed the main set but caught an encore performed for the BBC film crew who had come to document the big event. The songs were fine, but the novelty of being a groupie won out over any cynicism about the artistry of our performers. Here's to Kabul Dreams soon billing itself the first, rather than the only, Afghan rock band.

The story of three kids from different ethnic and linguistic backgrounds joining to record music in English has already proven irresistible to the foreign press - these guys have been covered on CNN, the Guardian, the Boston Globe's Big Picture, and of course my favorite folks at Foreign Policy.

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SV said...

afghanistani dreamin' (...ghanistani dreamin') on such a summer's daayy